EMIS Spotlight Issue 3

EMIS Spotlight Digital Edition October 2023


Issue 3


October 2023

Highlights from across EMIS and primary care

Navigating flu season How our EMIS partners are supporting GP practices this winter. Delivering the new GP contract How we’re supporting PCNs and federations to help tackle the challenges of demand, access, and capacity.


4-5 Pathway - The role of

primary care in Hepatitis C elimination


EMIS Academy



8-9 New GP contract, demand, access and capacity


Joy - Improving patient access through Social Prescribing Manage high call volume with Surgery Connect


12-13 EMIS Web projects and performance update


Docmail - Navigating Flu Season: Streamline your patient communication with Docmail Recruit - Supporting clinical research with our free Recruit tool


16-17 Partner roundtable: How can GP practices improve the effectiveness of their flu clinics with digital technology?




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Editor’s note


Welcome to the latest edition of EMIS Spotlight This summer we took to the road and hosted a number of special events across England. From Durham to Devon, the events were well received, and helped us to connect with many of you face to face, providing updates on new solutions and future roadmap developments. There were live demonstrations of EMIS-X from our specialists, collaboration in the workshops and interactive sessions, and lots of networking with peers. This gave us a valuable insight into how you have found creative ways to overcome day-to day challenges using our solutions. Valuable feedback like this helps us develop our technologies to improve our support for the NHS Long Term Plan. And as the healthcare landscape continues to change - most notably with the recent updates to GP contracts – there’s new challenges to face. Some of the roadshow sessions explored these challenges – looking at service access, demand, and capacity and workforce wellbeing. It was pleasing to hear how many of you were solving these problems using tools such as our data analytics solution APEX. Also about the successful results you are achieving using some of our other partner products such as eConsult and Hero Health.

As we head towards the flu season there’s a need for creativity and innovation to get through this busy period. This September issue, focuses on how we are supporting thousands of healthcare workers during flu season. There’s information and updates on our latest planned releases for the coming months - and top tips to make sure your practice is ready to hit the ground running when they arrive. There’s also updates on Recruit, Pathway, EMIS Academy, Fourteen Fish and a selection of our partner products. Enjoy reading this edition of EMIS Spotlight, we would love to hear your feedback on social media.

Suzy Foster CEO EMIS Health

@EMISHealth @emishealth

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The role of primary care in Hepatitis C elimination


Primary care has a vital role in eliminating Hepatitis C in England. Our partnership with NHS England (NHSE) and MSD supports new ways of working between primary and secondary care teams to proactively reach at-risk patients. The pilot of our Pathway solution has already helped two patients with Hepatitis C start life-saving treatment for the first time. The NHS England Hepatitis C elimination programme is working to eliminate the condition as a major public health issue in England ahead of the World Health Organisation target to do so by 2030. The programme has been a huge success, with 37% reduction in deaths from the virus, 52% reduction in the number of liver transplants, and more than 70,000 patients successfully treated. As NHSE progresses towards it’s elimination goals, it believes a final cohort of 20,000 patients are still to be reached – and many could be found within primary care data. Between each of those numbers there’s a life that is valued, so they need to be found and they need to be treated.” Kuldip Sembhi - National Programme Lead - HCV Elimination, MSD

Pathway, powered by EMIS-X We’ve been working in partnership with NHSE and MSD to use the Patient Search Identification tool developed by MSD into our Pathway solution. Piloting the solution with Cheshire and Merseyside Operational Delivery Network (ODN) allowed this team to search primary care data for coded Hepatitis C risk factors in patient records, and identify patients for review, testing and treatment.

Tools like Pathway show that there is a new way to work with primary care. We’re no longer waiting for GPs to refer into us - we’re actively going out, finding those patients in primary care, and bringing them to us.” David Byrne - ODN Manager, Cheshire & Merseyside ODN Powered by EMIS-X, pathway uses clinical intelligence to identify cohorts of at-risk patients for proactive diagnosis, treatment, and management. With the ability to create bespoke pathways, our solution is supported by data sharing agreements to help healthcare teams make early interventions in the best setting.


Uncovering hidden cohorts Piloting Pathway with three GP practices in their local area earlier this year showed Cheshire and Merseyside ODN had 465 people in the cohort that met the risk factor criteria in the search. A further 47 people had a confirmed Further investigation confirmed seven people from the 47 had no record of treatment on any healthcare database. These seven are being followed up by the ODN with their GP practice to confirm their Hepatitis C status. Two of these patients subsequently started treatment as a direct result of this pilot - both had historic risk factors and would not have been picked up from other Hepatitis C screening services. The peace of mind I’ve got from not having it, it’s just unbelievable. And I want to offer that to people daily.” Darren Shields - Peer Support Lead - Cheshire & Merseyside, The Hepatitis C Trust diagnosis of the virus with no recorded treatment in their primary care record.

Finding these patients in a relatively small local area shows the possibilities of using Pathway more widely to help eliminate Hepatitis C. Since these initial results were published the pilot has expanded, with a further practice joining in Cheshire and Merseyside, and Greater Manchester ODN coming on board too with a surgery in its area. In total, five practices across two ODNs have now identified more than 1000 patients who met the risk factor criteria for Hepatitis C, and already a further two patients have gone on to receive treatment. Proactive patient care The success of this pilot programme highlights the enormous potential of Pathway in improving health outcomes. By using clinical intelligence and data sharing, Pathway can play a vital role in identifying patients at risk of other conditions and diseases, letting healthcare teams intervene earlier and provide timely treatment. Pathway will be available to all practices across England within EMIS-X later this year, and the Hepatitis C Elimination pathway will roll out to further ODNs in England in the coming months. Interested in what Pathway could do for your organisation? Email info@emishealth.com to talk to one of our team today.




Putting the power of learning into your hands with EMIS Academy

What’s more, as a CPD accredited learning provider, we have a range of EMIS Academy courses, that can progress your professional development. Our EMIS Academy learners can manage their own learning pathways, engaging with their understanding on how to optimise their use of our software and services in an innovative way, with access to interactive expert knowledge through a mapped learning plan.

EMIS Academy is our free digital learning platform, providing round the clock access to the latest interactive training resources. Browse our library of virtual and interactive learning, earning badges and certificates as you go. Access our online calendar of free webinars.

EMIS Academy offers over 150 learning activities across 50+ learning areas

Grow a skilled and flexible workforce

Earn badges and certificates as you go

Support development with CPD accreditation

Supports learning across your PCN

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Could Dragon Medical One save you one hour a day this winter? Winter is aways a challenging time for the NHS. Year after year, the NHS frontline is placed under considerable pressure from a mix of respiratory conditions, flu, and winter bugs.

Many GPs feel the affect this has on their day-to-day working lives - from extra admin to growing patient backlogs. It can be tricky balancing patient demand whilst continuing to provide effective patient care - this is where a digital speech solution can help. Dragon Medical One (DMO) is the first completely cloud-based medical speech recognition system. Using the most advanced AI engine, DMO accurately dictates clinical notes directly into EMIS Web, removing the need for manual administration.

With up to 99% accuracy, you can create custom commands to navigate EMIS Web, MS Word and Outlook – as well as set up bespoke words or phrases. Create your own templates using your voice or set up customisable auto texts to save valuable time. Join the thousands of healthcare professionals already using Dragon Medical One to boost their clinical workflows.

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New GP contract, demand, access and capacity


The challenges Many of the challenges facing NHS teams centre around demand, access and system capacity. Since the pandemic, general practice is delivering more appointments than ever before to an increasing number of patients with long term conditions - with fewer working doctors. 2023 contract changes drive same-day-access in primary care, requiring surgeries to see as many patients as possible whilst maintaining quality of care. We’re collaborating closely with customers to provide support wherever possible. We’re looking at the challenges you face and developing solutions to help. We’re focusing on the obstacles getting in your way and providing solutions that make a real difference to you and your patients. Primary care teams continue to provide the best quality care in these tough times. Ben Hampshire, EMIS, Head of Delivery, says: “Often times of challenge and change offer the greatest opportunity for innovation and creativity, all enabling a continued delivery of quality service to patients. Primary care teams do a great job on the ground and the best thing is, we get to support them through technology and innovation.” Sharing best practice Every day NHS teams use technology and innovation to seamlessly deliver outstanding healthcare to patients. At our EMIS-X: Innovation through evolution roadshows, which took place across the country in June and July 2023, a highlight for Ben was seeing delegates collaborating, sharing best practice and experiences, and talking about problems and finding new solutions.

It was brilliant to hear so many creative and fresh ideas that people are using to improve access when demand is higher than ever. It would be excellent to continue to create a forum where GPs, Practice Managers, and their teams can share knowledge and experience. Bringing positive change and inspiring their peers. This is the way forward and we will do whatever we can to help.” Ben Hampshire - EMIS, Head of Delivery


Case studies Along with our partners we work closely with PCNs and Federations, to help them tackle the challenges of demand, access, and capacity. Here we look at the success that comes from positive communication and sharing best practice:


South Downs Health and Care South Downs Health and Care are a federation that serves 10 PCNs in Sussex, they’ve used our PCN Hub to relieve their admin load and double consultation capacity. This also helped drive considerable cost savings whilst delivering enhanced quality of care to patients. “I no longer have technological barriers slowing me down in a consultation, and now the speed of operations for our PCN is just dependent on how fast me and my colleagues can work. “Being able to set up groups in a PCN and use filters within it to determine allocation of hours accordingly works 100% better for us, so whoever put that functionality in is a genius in my opinion!” Mr Neil Kelly - Chief Digital and Information Officer, South Downs Health and Care Folkestone, Hythe and Rural PCN Folkestone, Hythe and Rural PCN have used our APEX analytics platform to better understand demand and capacity across the organisation. The adjustments they’ve made help them provide greater support to their seven member practices. “Having real-time data highlighting our IIF indicators and progress has enabled our PCN to work collaboratively with practices to ensure work is distributed equitably and targets are met.” Andy Gove - Digital Transformation Manager, Folkestone, Hythe and Rural PCN

Carlisle Healthcare Carlisle Healthcare serves the health needs of 38,000 people, operating as a single practice Primary Care Network. Using eConsult and Local Services, they moved to an online-first contact system to manage demand. They improved their patients experience by: • Increasing efficient use of clinical resources. • Optimising technology for effective information flow. • Using the wider team of trained care navigators to manage the queue and signpost where needed. “We have begun the process of turning our triage system upside down, with the majority of our clinical templates now made of up consultations rather than triage slots. We can now make safer and more accurate triage decisions based on the richness of information provided by patients when submitting the online form.” Dr Robert Westgate - Carlisle Healthcare

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customer case studies in full on our website.



Manage high-call volume effortlessly with Surgery Connect’s leading call centre technology Surgery Connect is an adaptable, cloud-based phone system designed specifically for primary care. Using the latest call centre technology, Surgery Connect supports practice staff with efficient call management, attaching call information directly to a patient’s record within EMIS Web. Used by more than 2,400 GP surgeries, this intelligent telephony system has helped improve the patient experience and simplified appointment booking for more than 24 million patients across England and Wales.

Streamline appointment bookings Allow your patients to schedule appointments with ease, reducing workloads for your staff, whilst improving communication and wait times during busy periods. Optimise call management With advanced call management features, calls are answered promptly and directed to the appropriate staff member. Enhance patient communications Messaging and video conferencing tools allow you to communicate with patients securely and efficiently. Improve practice efficiency Integrates with EMIS Web to streamline your workflows and improve efficiency.

Learn more For more information on Surgery Connect, click the arrow.

Improving patient access through social prescribing

From increasing waiting times to GP staff shortages, improving patient access poses a significant challenge for many practices. With 1 in 5 patients presenting with issues that are more social than medical, social prescribing offers a promising solution to this ongoing issue.

Understanding social prescribing Social prescribing is a non-medical treatment that connects patients with community services. This shifts the focus away from just treating the symptoms to addressing the wider health issues health.

Give patients direct access to community services Patients have direct access to community services without a GP appointment, allowing them to explore activities that match their interests, motivating them to improve their health. supporting all daily client-related activities, from case notes to referrals, whilst capturing valuable efficacy data. This allows personalised care staff to take on bigger case loads. Since using Joy: Cambridgeshire and Peterborough ICB experienced a 35% decrease in GP appointments. Wokingham Borough Council has seen a 71% increase in patient wellbeing. Efficiently manage bigger case loads Joy streamlines patient management, ARRS have saved 4-8 hours a week.

Supporting the delivery of social prescribing with technology

By using digital technology, practices can move patients with non-clinical issues from GPs and other clinical services towards community based resources – saving valuable clinical time. Joy’s easy-to-use social prescribing platform manages the workflow and case management associated with social prescribing referrals. Integrated with EMIS Web, Joy easily identifies patients whose health and well-being challenges could be addressed with non-clinical pathways, directing them to appropriate care in the community. How can Joy help your practice? Reduce pressure on primary care services Instantly refer patients from within EMIS Web to local commissioned services. Data is shared seamlessly between EMIS and Joy meaning less time is spent manually inputting patient data.


EMIS Web projects and performance update

During our roadshow, we demonstrated how we’re improving the performance and functionality of EMIS Web to support our users to deliver excellent patient care. You’ll find the latest updates at EMIS Now (KB0074607) and here’s a round-up of the highlights:


Resource Publisher Improvements to Resource Publisher has resulted in a reduction of ‘blank folder’ issues, and we’ve successfully resumed activations for practices which remain on Template Manager. Practices will be will be sent an email giving two weeks’ notice when they are due to be activated. EPS Bulk Signing EPS Bulk Signing has now been activated for all of our GP England practices, with over one million prescriptions now being successfully bulk signed. We are working on the next phase of functionality to ensure more tasks can be bulk signed and we will be providing updates as this work progresses. EMIS Web 64-Bit We’re pleased to have completed the roll-out of EMIS 64-Bit to all GP England users as part of EMIS Web 9.21 and we’re excited to have observed a 99% reduction in ‘Out of Memory’ errors for users as a result. You can find out more about EMIS Web 64-Bit on EMIS Now (KB5000976).

Health Check Tool We’re working with several ICBs and end-users to pilot a new EMIS Health Check Tool which gives you information about your local machine and network which may be affecting how EMIS Web performs. This information will help local IT desks and the EMIS Service Desk to diagnose and resolve issues faster. We’re currently working on improvements suggested by our pilot users and we will provide updates as the development work and pilot progresses. EMIS Web Cloud Migrations We’re migrating more EMIS Web services to the cloud (AWS) as part of our modernisation strategy and to support the NHS England ‘Public cloud first’ directive. We’ve successfully migrated some practices, and we will be moving more over the coming months, as well as making significant HSCN upgrades. We will notify practices by email ahead of their migration date and we will give more information on the effect of the work as we migrate more services. You can find out more on EMIS Now (KB0064888)


EMIS Web housekeeping tips: your guide to a smooth experience To get the most from EMIS Web, there are several housekeeping activities that we recommend you should do regularly: Top tips for troubleshooting 1. Hardware - We recommend you Top tips to keep things running smoothly


undertake regular hardware checks - some you can do yourself, for others you may need an IT provider. Check EMIS Now for the suggested optimal hardware requirements - things to consider include your operating system, disk space, memory (RAM) and related software. 2. Network connectivity - Configuration of your local network can impact EMIS Web - your IT provider can help with this. Ask them to ensure that Quality of Service (QoS) is enabled for your organisation - 33% of GP practices in England do not and this could be causing issues. 3. Spoke Servers - Spoke servers provide a local cache for your patient records, helps business continuity and stores EMIS Web patch updates. If you don’t have a spoke server, or it’s not working correctly, it’s likely to have an impact on response times. 4. Caching of files - EMIS Web requires the following file to be available to run correctly: C:\ProgramData\EMIS\ ResourcePublisher\CDBNumber\CDBNumber. db Clearing your cache may delete this file, causing performance problems and it will need to be added back by EMIS. 5. Anti-virus conflicts - Microsoft anti virus software provides real-time protection for files but increases CPU usage if operating alongside EMIS Web. Excluding EMIS and partner products from the real-time scanning process can eliminate performance issues.

1. Avoid running multiple EMIS Web instances - Having more than one instance of EMIS Web open on your machine may cause performance issues and is not recommended. 2. Check the number of active tasks within EMIS Web - Too many active tasks within EMIS Web can cause problems - archive completed tasks daily to minimise impact. 3. Managing test requests - The way you manage a test request affects whether a task is generated in EMIS Web Workflow Manager. If you find the task count becomes unmanageable, you may need to review how they are ordered using your online test request provider. 4. Managing EMIS Web resources - A build-up of old or unused resources - such as clinical templates and protocols - increases the demand on the system, and sometimes may slow it down. 5. Searches and reports - Consider your search population carefully - only use the ‘all patients’ option where absolutely necessary. Running your search on ‘currently registered patients’ only, will ensure it runs faster. 6. Speed up your Medicine Management tasks - There are two new configuration options available to speed up the singing of electronic prescription (EPS) tasks, for further information please search KB0066427 on EMIS Now. 7. Large document sizes - Consider reducing the file size of documents, including scanning in a lower resolution, to improve speed and performance.

Learn more about EMIS Web, click the arrow to visit EMIS Now.


We’re helping primary care teams across England play a part in advancing medical knowledge and improving patient care. Supporting clinical research with our free Recruit tool


Putting clinical research at the heart of patient care The Grove has not been involved in clinical research within primary care before. “We’re brand new to it – it’s the first time we’ve used anything like this”, Lesley said. As patients continue to take an active role in their healthcare, and show growing interest in innovative treatment methods, Lesley sees it as an ideal time to offer this service to patients. As Recruit is embedded within EMIS Web, patient identification happens at source within the clinical system, supporting safe and secure data handling. “There’s no data sharing until the patient gives their consent, so from our point of view, we’re just giving you the option”, Lesley said. Supporting the health of future generations By giving this decision-making power to their patients, The Grove is at the forefront of a new way of working when it comes to supporting vital trials in primary care. Also, in the climate of pressured workloads, Recruit makes it easy for healthcare teams to contribute to the health of future patients across the UK and the wider world. It couldn’t have been easier really, it’s so simple.” Lesley Cushen - Operations Manager, The Grove Medical Centre

Embedded within EMIS Web, our Recruit tool lets practices identify and connect with patients who may be eligible to take part in clinical research. Not only is Recruit completely free to use, but it can also generate revenue for your practice. You’ll receive automatic payments for all eligible patients that agree to share their contact details with the research organisation. Operations Manager, Lesley Cushen from The Grove Medical Centre in Egham, Surrey, spoke to us about her team’s experience using Recruit: “After activating Recruit last year, the team at The Grove collectively decided to make all trials available to our patients and let them decide for themselves if they’d like to take part. “For some patients, when they found they could be part of a trial that in the future would help other people with the condition they now have, we found they’d love to help with that. Most importantly though, it’s always the patient’s choice – we let them decide whether they want to participate or not.” Lesley said that the practice has used Recruit for many trials, following the simple steps to accept new studies and share them with potentially eligible patients in just a few clicks. “The instructions provided are clear and concise, making the process incredibly simple. There’s very little you have to do”.

To activate Recruit for FREE today, search KB0076213 on EMIS Now.


Navigating Flu Season: Streamline your patient communication with Docmail Flu season is around the corner and despite year-round planning, it can be difficult for practices to prepare effectively. With cancelled flu clinics and fears of vaccine shortages, it’s important that clinics keep their patients up to date on what to expect in the coming weeks from the annual flu vaccination programme.


Integrated with EMIS Web, Docmail Hybrid Mail lets your clinic send and manage printed letters quickly and efficiently, delivering streamlined patient communications with ease. Just select your patient cohort in EMIS Web, prepare your document, configure your postal options then click send. Top Docmail tips for preparing your patient communications this winter Make use of templates Easily access a collection of templates at the click of a button. From letter templates, text reminders, communication workflows, social posts and standard responses, customise pre existing templates to fit any need. Prepare your data ahead of time Pre-define and establish your patient cohorts using EMIS Web. Simply save-down your datasets for instant access at a later date, saving valuable clinical time. Scheduling mailings Pre-schedule mailings a week, fortnight or even a month in advance, so you can pre-plan your communications ahead of time.

To find out how Docmail can transform your patient communication this flu season, please click the arrow.



Flu season is a challenging time for many GP practices. As workloads increase, it’s important that your practice has the right digital tools in place during this busy time. We wanted to find out how our EMIS partners are supporting flu clinics this winter by asking ‘How can GP practices improve the effectiveness of their flu clinics with digital technology?’. Partner roundtable: How can GP practices improve the effectiveness of their flu clinics with digital technology?

“Two of the biggest challenges facing flu clinics are minimising DNAs and improving uptake of vaccinations. In

The platform also helps identify the target patient cohorts, reducing ineffective campaigns and wastage.

both areas, digital technology has an essential role to play. Batch messages and reminders are used by many practices. But harnessing these simple communication tools to their fullest potential can really be effective. Mjog, by Livi, provides batch messaging that lets GP practices set up customised, editable messages by appointment type. Our partners can run dedicated campaigns for flu season and we can provide content and functionality to roll it out over a health system in a couple of clicks.

By working with our GP practice and PCN partners, we’ve seen, first hand, the affect it can have – such as helping clinic planning months in advance and managing the busiest periods.” Jamie Griffin, Head of Commercial (NHS), Mjog


and directs people to online services at busy periods – such as first thing in the morning. For eligible patients who do not reply to the initial invites, you can import a clinical system search into Think Healthcare which will recognise the caller and then flag up their details. It also alerts

Using Digital technology such as the Envisage Waiting Room TV system, before and during your flu clinic operations, improves your patient’s engagement, understanding, and experience. It streamlines the flu vaccination process and increases uptake. The Envisage Waiting Room TV displays flu related information, educating your patients on symptoms, prevention, and vaccine importance. It lets people know about vaccination availability and the convenience of the practice flu clinic, encouraging hesitant patients and the appropriate groups to book appointments. These appointment reminder prompts reduce no shows, improving the efficiency of the flu clinic. The TV also displays estimated wait times using the Inform App, improving satisfaction, and reducing frustration. NHS cloud telephony improvements have helped practices build processes into their phone system to support local triage models and projects such as flu season. Cloud telephony systems such as Think Healthcare, help make flu clinics easier to manage for patients and practices. While every practice operates slightly differently, commonly used setups include: Signposting to online flu jab booking through the phone menu - you can even automatically send patients a text with the link. A dedicated menu option for flu jab bookings can be customised to open automatically at key times of the day. This manages the calls when there is capacity to but gives a message


Dave Mills, Head of Think Healthcare

them they book a flu jab. It’s a single click for the receptionist to then launch the patient’s record in EMIS and book the appointment.

information - engage patients, making the time they have to wait better. It also shows your local healthcare priorities and emergency updates and notifications,

demonstrating your practice’s commitment to public health. Entertaining and engaging content

Ben Shepherd, Head of Media & Waiting Room Solutions, Envisage

improves the atmosphere within the waiting room, ensuring a positive flu-clinic experience. Incorporating Envisage Waiting Room TV optimises patient interactions, education, and clinical operations for a more effective flu vaccination process.

Specific flu related videos and general healthcare topics as well as practice

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CPD Made Simple

We know GPs are under increased pressure. That’s why our Clinical Library keeps CPD simple.

From abdominal examinations to the Zika virus, we have over 100 video modules and knowledge tests on the most common clinical topics.

Keep up to date with the latest guidance New and updated modules added every month Fit CPD around your schedule Access anytime, anywhere with our app Track development for easy appraisals Integrates seamlessly with our Appraisal Toolkit

Sign up for free to view the entire Clinical Library – and gain instant access to two modules of your choice.

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Available on all iOs and Android compatible devices.


Upcoming events We host and attend events, both online and in-person throughout the year. We bring the healthcare community together to collaborate, share insights and develop ideas. It’s easy to connect with us at one of our upcoming events, read on to learn more and register your attendance by scanning the QR Code.


Digital Health Rewired 12-13 March, NEC, Birmingham We’ll be in attendance at Rewired; the premier

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educational conference and networking event for health IT. Rewired brings together the digital health community for an unmissable CPD-accredited programme, inspiring keynotes, national speakers, digital NHS best practice and multiple networking opportunities. Visit us on stand F50

Missed our recent EMIS-X Roadshow? This summer we took to the road and hosted a number of special events across England, at locations across the country from Durham to Devon. The events enabled us to connect with our customers face to face, providing updates on new solutions and future development roadmaps. Our visitors had the opportunity to experience live demonstrations of EMIS-X with our specialists as well as networking with peers and collaborating in some of our workshops and interactive sessions.

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