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The evolution of pharmacy For nearly two decades, we’ve been supporting community pharmacies across the UK to deliver operational success and improve patient outcomes. We’ve been right by your side as the demand on services and a squeeze on funding has created a catalyst for change in the way that you run your business. Shifting to a service led business model that allows you to conduct triage and deliver clinical care is essential to a secure future. Aligning with NHS strategy, this transformation will relieve pressure from overstretched acute and primary care teams, whilst opening up new revenue channels for community pharmacies. Underpinning these services with the right technology is critical to your success, and our market leading solutions have been developed with this in mind. All our current products and solutions are designed, reviewed and developed with significant clinical oversight from our team of frontline pharmacists and practical insight to our broad customer base, keeping us honest on the delivery of key priorities and ensuring our technology meets your evolving needs.


We can support you to:

Drive profitability Deliver new services and unlock additional revenue streams, whilst continuing to provide essential dispensing capability.

Unlock efficiencies Free up more capacity to deliver patient services with workflows and functionality that save you valuable time.

Engage customer Drive engagement and loyalty with our patient facing tech solutions that make you the convenient and accessible choice for your local community.

In this document, we’ll explore the solutions already available to you that have helped many of our customers to transform their service model. Together, we want to enable community pharmacies to enhance their relationships with their local NHS organisations, build and secure patient loyalty, and redefine business models to deliver profitable outstanding services and improved patient outcomes.


35 years supporting our customers providing front line technology to the healthcare sector

#1 in community pharmacy with 39%market share

#1 in community pharmacy service management solutions supporting evolving business models

#1 independent patient services app with 14 million registered users of Patient Access in the UK


16 years supporting community pharmacies providing you with stability and reliability

5,400 pharmacies across the UK use our ProScript Connect solution

1.5 M items processed per day by pharmacy teams using ProScript Connect

324,000 GP CPCS referral from GPs to community pharmacies via our Outcomes4Health solution


Market overview

Transfoming your model The future of pharmacy is evolving, and traditional business models focused on dispensing are no longer enough to sustain businesses. As the sector continues to experience increased demand, accelerated by the impact of the pandemic and government initiatives, there is growing pressure on pharmacies to diversify their service portfolio. Traditional models centred on dispensing occupy a significant amount of pharmacist time. While this remains an important part of the community pharmacy service, there is a vast amount of untapped potential in the existing skills of pharmacists across the nation. From independent prescribing to prevention and detection of illness, the new role of a community pharmacist is vital in reducing the pressure faced by the wider care sector. However, as expectations rise and demand for prescriptions remains high, innovation of pharmacy technology is essential in supporting pharmacy teams and helping to reduce workloads to accommodate additional responsibilities.


Changes to funding distribution coupled with the evolving needs of the UK population mean community pharmacists must find new ways to keep up with the demand for easy access to care. The shift from dispensing to service delivery is well underway, with changes to revenue distribution making clinical services a top priority. This shift is enabling patients to self-serve, as well as providing more streamlined pathways to book health services, allowing community pharmacies to deliver personalised care at scale. This also encourages further collaboration with GPs to provide services that meets the needs of their local communities. The coming years will see technology play a bigger role than ever before in transforming healthcare. As pharmacists continue to adapt to the ever-changing industry, our solutions are supporting improved clinical outcomes and helping you to spend more time focused on caring for patients.

Sima Jassal, Clinical Director, EMIS


If you want to continue to be relevant to your community, you have to offer different ways of accessing your services” Alex Potter, Director of Digital Strategy, Phoenix


The next generation Digital transformation in pharmacy


Driving profitability

Delivering a new service- led business model We understand that your working model needs to evolve in order to grow your pharmacy in this competitive market. With growing pressure on the healthcare system, it’s important you have the tools to make the most of your valuable time. Our systems support you beyond the delivery of traditional dispensing, with the practical tools you need to address the demands of your busy pharmacy. We’re committed to working closely with our customers to help unlock your potential and grow your business year on year.

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Allowing you to carry out PGDs seamlessly in one application using our Service Hub Manager module.

Supporting the direct referral of patients with minor ailments into local pharmacies.

Driving footfall into your pharmacy by connecting you to a user base of over 14 million patients.


ProScript Connect is the number one pharmacy service solution in the UK. Designed to grow your day-to-day activity as well as supporting the backbone of your business, our software is the trusted choice for over 5,400 community pharmacies. Our Service Hub Manager module enables pharmacists to record and deliver patient group directions (PGDs) seamlessly within ProScript Connect, saving you time and streamlining processes, all within one system. Within Service Hub Manager you’ll also find templates prepopulated with ProScript Connect data, allowing you to quickly and easily share information with a patient’s GP following a consultation.


Our secure, market leading end-to- end service management platform, PharmOutcomes is used by over 86% of pharmacists in England to deliver the Community Pharmacy Consultation Service (CPCS). PharmOutcomes supports collaboration between community pharmacy and primary care via our GP CPCS service. By allowing practices to refer patients with minor illnesses into local pharmacies, we’re providing new pathways into healthcare services, and making the most of valuable pharmacist skills. This solution is also promoting new opportunities for your business to grow and attract new customers.


The Patient Access app has connected me with patients who may never have previously visited our pharmacy, and gives us the opportunity to market ourselves as being able to offer easily accessible services which patients may never have known our community pharmacy was able to offer.”

Chital Patel, Pharmacy Manager, Murray’s Chemist & Travel Clinic


We’re also supporting your business to grow with Patient Access. As the UK’s leading independent healthcare app, Patient Access is supporting its 14 million users across the UK with a digital front door into both NHS and private healthcare services. Patient Access can drive profitability for your business and help bring in new customers. Patients who have chosen you as their nominated pharmacy can benefit from the ease of service when ordering repeat prescriptions via the app or web. With our Patient Access for Professionals (PA Pro) feature, we’re enabling you access to an interactive booking system to set up consultation services for patients in your local area. By supporting your pharmacy to advertise and promote the services you offer, we’re helping you to drive revenue and attract new customers.


Key functionality Our ProScript Connect solution is rich with built in features to support your business: Driving profitability

Medicines Use Review (MUR)

Electronic Prescription Service (EPS)

Discharge Medicines Review (DMR)

Patient Clinical Monitoring

Minor Ailment Service

NewMedicines Service (NMS)

Electronic Controlled Drug Register (eCDR)

Substance Dependency Module (SDM) Monitored Dosage System (MDS) Repeat Management Service (RMS)

Ordering manager

Stock Manager





Joining up technology We’ve enhanced ProScript Connect, enabling pharmacists to carry out flu PGD in PharmOutcomes with the ability to write back into the patient record. The secure end-to-end solution enables seamless transfer of information by auto- populating the PharmOutcomes template using the patient information in the Proscript Connect patient record, saving you time and driving efficiencies.




Unlocking efficiencies

Freeing up pharmacist time As market leaders, we understand the importance of freeing up time from dispensing so you can focus on delivering patient services. With inbuilt functionality that provides support to your pharmacy team, we’re enabling you to use your workforce flexibly where they’re needed most. We have a wealth of features in our portfolio such as Prescription Tracking Manager, Medicines Manager and Real Time Exemption checker, to help you to unlock efficiencies and streamline your processes.


Prescription Tracking Manager

This integration within ProScript Connect enables you to search for and check the assigned location or status of a prescription, as well as allowing you to quickly reprint a tracking label for the selected prescription.

Medicines Manager

Medicines Manager enables you to electronically request repeat medication from a patient’s EMISWeb GP system via ProScript Connect, reducing time-consuming manual processes and offering a seamless patient-centred experience.

Automated dispensing

Robotic automated dispensing solutions can transform your workflow and free up more time for you to focus on face-to-face patient care. This integrated partner solution will automate everything for your pharmacy, including medication dispensing, sorting, packaging, and retrieval.


Real Time Exemption Checking (RTEC)

RTEC enables pharmacy teams to check if a patient is exempt from paying for a prescription. ProScript Connect will perform the check as part of your dispensing process, saving you time, improving accuracy, and enhancing the patient experience.


Our PreConsult solution within PharmOutcomes allows your patients to record their personal information ahead of their vaccine appointment by simply scanning a QR code on their smartphone or completing via link before a telephone booking.


Unlocking efficiencies Case Study:

Pharmacy group saving hours everyday after upgrading to ProScript Connect Pharmacy group Dean and Smedley has ‘revolutionised’ dispensing and is saving hours of admin time every day, after upgrading to ProScript Connect. Following a six-week trial in one branch, ProScript Connect is now live in the East Midlands- based group’s remaining 10 branches. Dispensing over 90,000 prescription items every month, Dean and Smedley pharmacists say the ability to process prescriptions quickly is already having a huge impact on efficiency and customer satisfaction. They are reporting time savings of up to 45 minutes per pharmacy staff member a day from just one of the upgrades they’ve implemented.

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Having used ProScript for 10 years, we decided to upgrade to ProScript Connect to improve our service and benefit from all of the extras that the software offers”. Ben Eaton, Procurement Manager and Pharmacist at Dean and Smedley


Customer engagement

Driving patient loyalty At the heart of every community pharmacy is the customer. We understand the need for you to stand out in a competitive market where customers have more choice than ever before, and we’re passionate about supporting you to cultivate patient loyalty. That’s why we collaborate with a variety of partners, offering a range of products to support every area of your business. Not only do these partner products complement our solutions, but they provide your patients with the added extras that deliver a best-in-class experience.

Our continued focus on digital transformation will ensure your

pharmacy keeps ahead of the curve, from delivering enhancements to our own solutions through to collaborating with the latest technology partners in the market.


Patient Access

Using our healthcare app Patient Access, makes it simple for your patients to engage with the pharmacy. With the addition of PA Pro, we’re supporting you to offer a broad range of services to your patient population, making your business the pharmacy of choice amongst competitors. Using PA Pro, you can manage online and walk-in appointments in a single calendar, monitor your team’s availability, control your listed services and prices, and receive payment. PA Pro enables you to offer face-to-face and video appointments, as well as providing a bookable calendar of services for customers to access.

Text message service

We offer a text message service directly fromwithin Proscript Connect with our partner solution AQL, allowing you to contact your patient to collect their medication once dispensed. With the option to target specific or multiple patients in the system, we’re providing you with a value-added feature that can be relied on by busy patients.


Customer engagement

Delivery and collection solution

Our delivery and collection solution means patients can remain loyal to your pharmacy without needing to set foot in store. Not only does this solution provide an enhanced service, but it can also reduce the number of staff serving customers – freeing up their time to focus on other priority tasks.

Pro Delivery Manager

Pro Delivery Manager is an integrated partner solution that enables you to manage and track your medication deliveries directly to patients, from start to finish. You can view where any medication is at any point in time, meaning there’s no confusion on the whereabouts of a patient’s prescription once it has left the store.


Pharmaself24 By partnering with Pharmaself24, we’re offering an automated collection point solution that enables patients 24/7 access to prescriptions. Patients no longer need to stand in lengthy queues or wait for their pharmacy to open to pick up their prescription. Instead, medication is stored safely in the collection locker, allowing patients to collect at a time that works best for them. With a bespoke interface for users, this solution fits easily into your dispensing workflow via ProScript Connect to provide a method of prescription collection that patients love.

Training and support

Getting the most out of ProScript Connect Group Training

Accredited with LPIs Gold Standard, our Group Training team deliver market- leading training and system optimisation to ensure you can make the most of our products and services. Whether you’re a new or existing customer, our Transformation Specialists can work with you to help shape your service and ensure you’re making the most of the functionality within ProScript Connect. Talk to us to find out how the team can help you to create local Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), as well as helping you to maximise efficiencies to save both time and money. By working with your organisation to identify and recommend time saving quick wins through the use of smart configuration and advanced functionality in ProScript Connect, we could unlock significant benefits for your pharmacy.


Support Centre Our customer support centre is your free one- stop-shop for information, webinars and how-to guidance for all things ProScript Connect. Our latest updates have made it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for, with a video library, news and common queries.


Looking to the future

Supporting you to grow

As the role of pharmacy continues to evolve, so do our systems. We are committed to support you as your business grows with our industry-leading solutions. Over the last few years, we’ve been working hard to rethink the workflow in pharmacy to supporting your evolving needs. We’re further developing our service model, integrating our core systems to provide you with an end-to-end streamlined solution. By providing you with all the features you need to run an efficient and successful business, we’re supporting you to do more, using less. Bringing together ProScript Connect and PharmOutcomes will allow you to easily manage a wide range of services, including referrals fromNHS 111 and primary care.


Our powerful analytics suite, powered by EMIS-X technology, will be integrated into ProScript Connect, providing you with a platform to bring efficiency into added services. As we move to this cloud-based solution, we’ll be able to accelerate the delivery of new functionality within ProScript Connect and enable a seamless flow of data within the EMIS ecosystem. We want to empower you to deliver added-value services quickly and productively, providing maximum revenue with minimum disruption to your pharmacy. Through our partner programme, we’ll be continuing to build our own ecosystem of healthcare technology providers who are bringing the exciting new solutions to the market. Working with the very best partners in the field will ensure that you’re supported with the products you need to grow your business.

We’re excited about what the future holds for community pharmacies. We have a long history of supporting our customers to deliver high quality care, and our dedicated teamwill be with you every step of your transformation journey - ensuring you have the right technology in place to drive your business forward.


To find out more

Email: communitypharmacy@emishealth.com

Or visit our website: emishealth.com/community-pharmacy

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